YoungMoney101 Posting Schedule


Thanks for being a reader of YoungMoney101. I really appreciate your interest in the site. Along with today’s post, I’ve decided to write an update on the happening of this site. The biggest question I’ve gotten so far is in regards to how often I’ll be writing.

As of now, I plan to be posting a new article 2 times a week.

Although YoungMoney101 is only 2 weeks old, it’s getting lots of attention! More than I originally anticipated. This makes me excited to write more and do more for you, the reader. I feel 2 postings a week in manageable for me to do, as well as the right amount of content for my regular readers. The intended audience for YoungMoney101 is young people looking for explanations, tips, and tricks for how money works and how manage it better. Although finance nerds like me love updates on these kinds of things everyday, I recognize many do not. For now, I’ll stick to 2 posts a week and manage the demand for content as time goes on.

Guest Posts Coming Soon!

In other news, I plan for this site to occasionally feature guest writers. I’m fortunate to know quite a few brilliant young people who have perspectives on money, the job market, or something else that I think you guys would really enjoy. Any articles written by guests will be found in a new guest posts section of the site I’ll be creating. All guest writers will have to stick to a standard of citing any sources they pull information from so you know you’re getting just the facts.

Other YoungMoney101 Info:

This site will continue to be a work in progress. My background isn’t in web design or search engine optimization. But I’ll be figuring it out as we go! I recently figured out how to get my site indexed. You can now find me on Bing and Yahoo! as the first search result when typing in “YoungMoney101” or “Young Money 101” to the search bar. Google is a work in progress. You can find me there, but probably further down the first page. Help me get further up by searching my site!

As always, thank you again for reading! Comment below any questions you have about YoungMoney1o1.

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